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The Pottery

kiln load of pots ready to be firedPurple Sage Pottery is made of stoneware or porcelain clay which is very durable and sure to give you many years of service and pleasure. It is lead free, and dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Each piece is wheel-thrown and/or slab-built over custom made drape molds. Many pots are carved or embossed with ocean, plant or geometric patterns. The pottery is then reduction fired in a gas kiln to over 2200º F. The flames, hungry for oxygen, react with the glazes to give depth and luminescence in often unpredictable and dazzling ways.

Iris Minc, the owner, makes an extensive line of reduction-fired functional stoneware. In addition she has a new limited line of works in porcelain as well as a selection of one-of-a-kind vases and flower arranging containers and sculptural leaf forms.

The Studio

Iris making some slab built vasesPurple Sage Pottery is in an old carriage mill with high ceilings and good natural light. The well-equipped 2500 square-foot studio is divided into two main large work spaces, a small studio, a gallery space and a kiln room. The custom-built 70 cubic-foot gas kiln is the center of the studio’s operation.

The gallery, which is open almost year round, features mostly Iris’ works. Twice annually, once in the spring and then again in the fall, the whole studio is transformed into gallery space and 12-15 other clay workers, most of whom also create at Purple Sage Pottery, join Iris to sell their wares.